Retired Players:

I played college football.  I was not as gifted as you and I never had the opportunity to play in the NFL but I love and respect the game.   I understand your reluctance to stand in opposition to a game that was a big part of your life but I believe you and your family have suffered and you deserve answers and assistance.

I have represented many individuals who have suffered Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.  Despite the name, there is nothing mild about the effect it can have on your life.  My clients are unable to sleep.  They suffer memory loss and memory difficulties.  They struggle to concentrate and often develop pervasive depression that they just can’t shake.   I have been able to successfully explain their reality to juries which allows me to get them the financial and medical assistance they deserve.  I recently won a $7.5 million dollar verdict in an MTBI case against Starbucks after turning down a $75,000 settlement offer.

I believe in the legal process and I’d like the opportunity to see the information we are learning about concussion management aired in a courtroom.  I have a successful law practice and I am not chasing NFL players and trying to sign up hundreds of clients.  I was asked to represent a number of well respected NFL veterans with substantial playing careers.   Although they were reluctant to oppose the NFL, they are concerned about their health and their families’ futures.

If you are a retired player who had a long career and you are looking for an attorney who will represent you with discretion and professionalism, I encourage you to fill out our form.  I personally speak with each and every client before agreeing to represent them and I will be in touch immediately to schedule a meeting.

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