Attorney John Gomez is an award winning trial attorney who has recovered millions for victims of all types of head injuries, including mild traumatic brain injuries. Since 2000 John has won over $200 million on behalf of his clients.  He has been named “Trial Lawyer of the Year” and “Best Lawyer In America.”

John Gomez attended Yale Law School after a successful college football career so he understands the realities of the game.  He began his legal career at Latham & Watkins, one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, before becoming a United States Attorney.  John has extensive trial experience in state and federal court on behalf of the government and numerous Fortune 500 companies.  He founded The Gomez Firm to bring expert legal representation to the average American who was injured by the actions of large companies.   Individuals can rarely afford the type of representation that the government and corporate America can pay for and John’s goal was to level the playing field.  Since 2000 John has won over $200 million on behalf of his clients.  John quickly made a name for himself by being willing to stay in the fight long after other lawyers would give up.  This persistence earned one of John’s clients the largest wrongful death jury verdict in California history; a staggering $106 million.  Over the past four years John has repeatedly won verdicts over a million dollars in cases where the defending companies offered absolutely nothing to settle.  John is also an expert in MTBI.  He recently tried a MTBI case where Starbucks offered $75,000 to settle.  John pushed the case to trial and his client was awarded $7.5 million.  John handles sensitive matters with class and unrivaled professionalism.